Saturday, October 13, 2007

The first cry: oh, Mother…Don’t die... You said you would prepare dinner….You were worried that I may get killed .Don’t die, Mother… Take my heart, my head, my blood, my life….. It is too soon to die

Heartbroken Mother …. I die for you (to live)

Crying for his mother

The second cry: Mother’s breath falters and she says to her son: Don’t cry… I sacrifice for your life .

The boy’s heart breaks with agony: Oh Lord, Oh Lord….Return me to her womb or to you, let us die together or let me die alone. My Lord, you willed to create me through her womb so that I grow up and see what I see…..Is it her blood or mine?

Mother, hold fast

It is not now (time of departure)

You were to prepare dinner for me

(Suddenly) the roar of fighter planes and explosions resound.

Everything is shaking.

The street gives out the odor of death and rubbles fly around, and bodies and shrapnel.

Where is the nation of Laelaha Ellallah?

Where are the Arabs?

Where are they?

The last cry: Voices no longer heard

And mercy came like a bullet.

One heart stopped and another got broken and burnt.

One soul hovering over jungles of blood,

And another one bled.

No one cares.

No world cares.

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